Yam Earrings -Tourmaline

Yam Earrings -Tourmaline


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To connect with my cardiac chakra I will chant the Yam mantra. So that I can fing integration. So that I can find balance. The pair accompains silver earring taps. Because they are natural gemstones, the size, shape and colors of the Watermelon Turmaline can vary from earring to earring. Four different colors of gems with only one coloration: Salmon; Pink; Green and Water Green. Choose your pair colors. *Real product photos can be sent by WhatsApp. Get in touch HERE. *Limited stock.

  • Gem Size: from 3 to 5mm

  • Average Height: 8mm

  • Weight: from 0,8 to 1,2g

  • Material: Sterling Silver and Natural Watermelon Tourmaline Gemstone

  • Avaiability In stock
  • SKU ME0017
The Watermelon Tourmaline wasn’t chosen for nothing to star in the Grow in Love collection by Mama Beads. The harmony that the green and pink colors mix and balance each other to form this gem give this natural crystal the quality of representing our cardiac chakra in its most integrated and balanced state. The Yam Earrings brings this crystal in a raw representation of its variety and versatility, since it can be purchased in 4 differents shades of Watermelon Tourmaline: salmon, pink, green and water green. Yam is a mantra that connects straightly to our cardiac chakra, just like the Watermelon Tourmaline. With its “strap” support made in sterling silver, the colors of each earring of the pair can be chosen at the purchase moment.