The Oracle - Open Blind Bags this october!

The Oracle - Open Blind Bags this october!


In stock: 4 units only
*ENJOY: only in october, we opened all the Blind Bags with available Oracles for you to choose your favorite!*

Place your best energy on the Oracle and it will show you the way. In the middle of the smoke, clouds and colors, you will connect with the universe’s great energetic flow.

The revelation ritual of this piece begins in the purchase moment. This is a mysterious product and you won’t know the color of your lampwork crystal ball until it arrives at your place.
All the units of this piece are sent in a random way on “Blind Bags”, that are surprise packages, so that you start tuning with your destiny since the purchase moment and reinforce your own faith at the moment you receive your crystal ball.
The Oracle only reveals what is already a part of yourself.

Made in Sterling Silver and Glass Murano type in random colors.
  • Height: 18 mm
  • Width: 17 mm
  • Depth: 14 mm
  • Hole: 5,5 mm
  • Weight: 6.5g
  • Material: Sterling Silver and Glass

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    Deeply intense, intensively awake, incredibly free. This is the spirit of Mama Beads new collection, the Gypsy collection. It was all developed while thinking about pieces that are delicate, and at the same time, mysterious and full of life. The collection mixes symbols and amulets typically gypsy with Mama’s vision and concept, allying the silver, the natural gemstones and the Zircon to create a new gypsy universe in the jewelry world. The crystal ball was one of the resources embraced by the gypsy people in their studies of the future and development of their predictions. Through the study of the symbology of the colors and images and its interpretation, we are able to reveal our future and deepen inside our inner world. The oracle opens our minds to self knowledge and to the intelligence of our own actions, becoming not only a Love Oracle, but to all the questions that involve energetic influences. Thinking about that, Mama developed in lampwork and sterling silver a crystal ball shrouded by a pair of hands, as they were energizing this gypsy oracle. The sphere made of glass was produced in random colors and the bead was packed on “blind bags”, which are sealed surprise packages, so that you only know the color of your crystal ball when it arrives at your place. Is a way to encourage your syntonization with your own destiny and strengthen your faith, since, as the crystal ball itself, the oracle only reveals what is already a part of you. Made in sterling silver and lampwork, this bead can be used in necklaces, chains, bracelets. Pensando nisso, Mama desenvolveu em vidro e prata uma bola de cristal envolta por um par de mãos, como se estivessem energizando este oráculo cigano. A esfera de vidro foi produzida em diversas cores aleatórias e o berloque foi embalado em “blind bags”, que são pacotes surpresa selados, para que você só saiba a cor de sua bola de cristal quando ela chegar até sua casa. É uma forma de incentivar sua sintonização com seu próprio destino e fortalecer sua própria fé já que, assim como a bola de cristal, o Oráculo só revela o que já é parte de você. Desenvolvido em prata 925 e vidro, esse berloque pode ser usado em colares, correntes e pulseiras.