The Night Triad

The Night Triad



Triad. Triangle. Tress. Three. The power of the night and the balance of the tripod, three that combine to form one.
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  • Bigger: 1,1cm
  • Medium: 0,9cm
  • Smaller: 0,4cm
  • Weight: aprox. 4 grams
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver

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    In latin, Nox is the goddess that represents the night. In the Egypt, the night was called “mom”. It’s at night that we can find the moon and the rest, important moment to absorb everything that happened during the day. Joining the power and presence of the night with the natural symbol of the feminine (the inverted triangle), the Night Triad arises: three earrings that can be used separately but, when combined, form the three points of the night tress that refreshes and calms the energy of the day. Everything is balance.