The Marias Deal

The Marias Deal



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Buying the 4 Noveau beads, you take a free dangle “The Nature Marble”.
  • Included Beads: The Music, The Dance,The Poetry and The Painting.
  • Gift: The Nature Marble Dangle.
  • Material: Sterling SIlver and Glass

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    If the La Loba tale touched your heart, the La Loba Deal is perfect for you. It is formed by the three main elements of the story (The One Who Knows, She Wolf and The Bone Bag) and accompanies a very special gift: the Palo Santo’s Aromatic Pillow. It is a little pillow of 17x8cm that works as an aromatizer of environments, purses and drawers. It is perfect to live a nice perfume in the room, for cleaning, protection and maintenance of the energy, besides keeping away the small insects, since the Palo Santo is a sacred wood and incredible aromatic used in spiritual healing rituals.