The Imperfection Deal

The Imperfection Deal



Buying the natural baroque pearl pendant The Imperfection, you take the Noveau Chain with special price.
  • Included: The Imperfection Pendant and the Noveau Chain.
  • Material: Sterling Silver and Big Natural Baroque Pearl

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    • SKU MD0005
    Pearls have always been big agents of beauty, delicacy and tradition. Usually when we think about them, the image of a perfect shell with a big and round pearl comes to our minds. But it is not quite like that when we talk about nature. Depending on its origins, one unique shell can have up to 100 pearls inside, and they are not necessarily round as we imagine. But there is where its beauty lives: in a process that takes from 3 to 7 years to happen, the shell, when threatened by a foreign body, slowly releases a substance and involves the body with thousands of leathers of nacre, what forms the pearl, so admired throughout the world. Regardless of its form, the process is always delicate and derives from a threat, what can be a metaphor in life: overcome the fear, value our own process and the beauty of naturalityness (even when is “non-standard”). Meet The Imperfection Deal: it accompains the natural baroque pearl pendant "The Imperfection" with the Noveau Chain, the perfect kit to carry the beauty and meaning of the pearls every day.