The Gypsy in Me

The Gypsy in Me


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She dances around messing up the house, puncturing chests with looks there are sometimes fire and sometimes ice. In her card, she sees the future. In the middle of the roses, she frees the past. Her magic is what makes us alert.

Made in Sterling Silver.
  • Height: 2 cm
  • Width: 1,5 mm
  • Hole: 4,5 mm vertical
  • Weight: 13g
  • Material: Sterling Silver

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    Deeply intense, intensively awake, incredibly free. This is the spirit of Mama Beads new collection, the Gypsy collection. It was all developed while thinking about pieces that are delicate, and at the same time, mysterious and full of life. The collection mixes symbols and amulets typically gypsy with Mama’s vision and concept, allying the silver, the gold, the natural gemstones and the Zircon to create a new gypsy universe in the jewelry world. The Gypsy in Me may be considered the symbol piece of the collection. Big and robust, this maxi bead was developed to awake the gypsy spirit that leaves inside all of us. This alive, dancing, incendiary and thirsty for the future soul is inside each one of us and the purpose of this collection is this, awaken her. The roses symbolize the deep love and the beauty, while the card carries the Samsara wheel, that represents the come and go, the life cycle, the death and rebirth. Made in sterling silver, this maxi bead can be used in necklaces, chains, bracelets.