The Bone Bag

The Bone Bag


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The journey is hard and long, but in each step taken with attention, we recover another bone, until the bag is full enough of everything that has been lost along the way. Get in touch with La Loba’s tale here.

  • Height: 1,2cm
  • Width: 1,1cm
  • Depth: 1,1cm
  • Hole: 0,45cm/horizontal
  • Weight: aprox. 4,5 grams
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver

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    The Bone Bag is the company of the one who knows. If we stop to think, sometimes we realise that, in the name of responsibilities, of the family, the siblings, of work, we end up leaving behind thing that really matter for us and feed our souls. And to hear the wild calling, we need to have the patience to rescue our lost bones. With the patience of a wise old lady, we remake paths, return to ancient places and visit new ones so then recover all that was left behind, until our Bone Bag is full enough to lit up the flame and rescue the power of the wolf that lives inside us.