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Summer Deal



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They always told us christmas stories about the snow. But the holidays in the tropics are always seasoned with a lot of sunshine, heat, sand and salty water: Brasil and the beach have a love affair as big as the atlantic ocean.
In this deal you get Summer Santa + I-sea-u Glass Bead

Each piece is handcrafted, which may cause slight natural variations from one piece to another. They can be considered large because they are larger (dimensions and weight) than conventional glass beads.
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Inspired by the brazillian holiday season, the Tropical Holydays collection brings typical world’s christmas figures to the reality in Brasil during this time of the year, like the trips to the beach, the vacations and the heat, mixing some elements from the “classic” holidays with things from the “tropical” holidays. In Brasil, the beach and the ocean are typical sceneries in this time of the year, where and when people get together to rest, celebrate and refresh themselves, as the temperatures really go up in the country during the end of the year.