She Wolf

She Wolf


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Strength, determination and wildness: the wolf the lives in you is waiting for your awakening, you just need to hear the call.
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  • Height: 1,5cm
  • Width: 2,8cm
  • Depth: 0,7cm
  • Hole: 0,45cm/horizontal
  • Weight: aprox. 6 grams
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver

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    • SKU MB0002
    The One Who knows represents the wisdom and the patience in rescuing the bones that we lost through the path of life. With a lot of persistence, she wanders in search of those missing pieces, until she forms a full skeleton of a wolf and then performs her fire ritual. She sings and dances around the flame and, in the heat of the fire and the moment, gives birth to a new wolf: a strong and wild woman, ready to face life adversities. The one who knows represents the strength and persistence, and it is inside each and all woman. You just need to clear the senses and leave in search of everything that has been lost in the way, so then be able to listen to the Wild Woman’s call and reconnect to what is the most natural and primitive: the feminine power and all it can offer to us.