Ring of Balance - Tourmaline

Ring of Balance - Tourmaline


In the world of the unbalanced, whoever finds harmony is a queen. The Ring of Balance is the representation of all the greatness in the Watermelon Turmaline: unconditional love, forgiveness and sensibility in a crystal that is directly connected to our cardiac chakra. Because they are natural gemstones, the size, shape and colors of the Watermelon Turmaline slice can vary from ring to ring and as they are raw gemstones, they can present natural flaws and cracks. Available in different sizes. *Real product photos can be sent by WhatsApp. Get in touch HERE.

  • Gem Slice Size: from 9 to 14mm

  • Weight: from 3 to 4g

  • Material: Sterling Silver and Natural Watermelon Tourmaline Gemstone

  • Avaiability Out of stock
  • SKU MR0002
The Watermelon Tourmaline wasn’t chosen for nothing to star in the Grow in Love collection by Mama Beads. The harmony that the green and pink colors mix and balance each other to form this gem give this natural crystal the quality of representing our cardiac chakra in its most integrated and balanced state. Throughout the collection, the Ring of Balance receives this name because presents to us the natural gemstones in its most raw shape among all the collection pieces. Made by a claw ring with the twisted ring Mama Beads design all made in sterling silver and a slice of the Watermelon Tourmaline that shows the perfect balance between its colors, it is a powerful piece that carries all the Tourmaline properties. In current times, the emotional and energetic balance is a matter of survival and the Watermelon Tourmaline is a tool for us to see through our emotional questions in a lighter and more mature way, releasing our negative charges with a more broader and integrated view to the set of experiences we face in life. The Ring of Balance is an amulet.