Orange Moonstone Bracelet

Orange Moonstone Bracelet


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Orange Moonstone Natural Gemstones
The Orange Moonstone is part of the Female half of the collection and is a crystal that works in a very loving way, promoting emotional healing throughout all our being. It opens our mind so that we can see new opportunities and reach important discoveries. By raising our intuition so much, it can also help us see new solutions to old problems.

Each Orange Moonstone Bracelet comes with a bottle of the Female Half Potion, developed by the hands of Tecer Amor.
Visit Mama's blog to find out more about the properties of this crystal and its potion!

*Choose the size of your preference.
*Made with not dyed 100% natural stones and silicone elastic.

  • Crystal Diameter: 8 mm
  • P Circumference: 16 vm
  • M Circumference: 18 cm
  • G Circumference: 20 cm
  • Material: Natural Gemstones and Silicone Elastic

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    There is a principle that says that the energy that exists in the Universe is polarized in two aspects: the feminine and the masculine. These forces are present in everything that is part of nature and existence. Day and night. Light and shadow. Body and spirit. And all beings have this duality within them. When our male and female forces are in balance, the energy flow becomes complete. On the contrary, when there is an imbalance, the flow is interrupted and that is when the diseases and the breakdowns occur, both on the personal and physical as well as on the universal and spiritual planes. Thinking about the power that the contact and connection with nature and its resources can bring us, Mama Beads prepared a special collab in this new collection entirely developed in 100% natural stone pieces. The collection “Me Inteire, Inteire Me” is formed by 10 bracelets produced with 10 different natural crystals and, looking for the principle of internal balance, they were divided into two groups: those that connect with our Female half, our sensitivity, intuition and spirit, and those that connect with our Male half, our vitality, concentration and power of action. And this is where the power of collaboration comes in: in partnership with the aromatic medicine developed by Tecer Amor, each bracelet accompanies a Half Potion, all prepared with great love and care in this new collaboration between magical women! There are two types of potions: the Female Potion and the Male Potion, each with its own properties and intentions. Our planet is troubled. It is a good time to internalize and find balance from the inside out. And crystallo therapy and aromatherapy can help you on this journey. The Orange Moonstone is part of the Female half and has its spiritual energies very connected with the highest feminine powers. It can awaken our psychic abilities, increase mediumship and elevate our spirituality. This crystal strengthens feminine energy, which greatly favors women's health, in addition to helping to increase our attractiveness and personal magnetism. Bracelet made entirely of natural Moonstone without no dyeing and silicone elastic for easy handling. Do you want to find out more about the properties of each stone and each potion? Access Mama's blog!