Cremation Dangle

Cremation Dangle

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"But the ending things, much more than beautiful, these will remain..."

Memories, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, 1962

To finalize the purchase of your cremation jewelry, select the color of your order and then click here to find out how to send us as the ashes of those you want to eternalize

  • the deadline for the production of your cremation jewelry is 20 days from the moment your ashes arrive in here + the shipping time;

  • to produce your exclusive cremation jewel we will need only 5g of ash per pendant, which will be stored in a sealed zip lock until application time during production;

  • the treatment and handling of the ashes is done in an extremely cautious and respectful way so that the result is a unique, special and highly energized amulet;

  • Caution: this pendant is made of glass, so a fall can cause splinters or even break it! Handle it with care and attention.

  • your piece has a lifetime warranty and we are at your disposal for any questions or clarification regarding its production;

  • as it is integrated to order, exchanges or returns will not be allowed;

  • in case of glass breakage, contact us for a suitable quote.

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"But the finished things, much more than beautiful, these will be ..." Memories, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, 1962 They say that eternity is a myth or a utopia of the head of the most passionate. But only those who have lived true love know how there are things that last, yes, forever. And one of those infinite things is memory. It can overcome the limits of time and space, take us to very distant places and provoke the most intense and real sensations, both in our body and in our spirit. And from this concept was born the line Memories of Mama Beads: eternalize the best memories of our most true loves in handmade, exclusive, delicate and sensitive jewels, like amulets of love for all eternity. The jewels of the memories line are developed with the ashes of your loved one in an extremely respectful, handmade and unique way. The combination of the 925 silver base with the Italian technique of making Murano glass (lampwork), allows the creation of exclusive pendants that, from the ashes applied during the manufacture of the glass, create textures, colors and shapes, resulting in beautiful amulets artistic, exclusive and energized with special meanings. In addition, both the shape and the color of the base of the glass of your cremation jewelry are customized according to your preference.