Lotus Pendant

Lotus Pendant



Anahata Chakra. Divine love. Harmony. 12 petals to grow in love everyday.
  • Width: 13mm
  • Height: 18.5mm
  • Weight: de 1.2g
  • Material: Sterling Silver

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    • SKU MP0011
    The Grow In Love collection was born to talk about love. About love connection. About energizing. That’s why the Watermelon Tourmaline was the crystal chosen to build the pieces, since it is a gemstone connected to our cardiac chakra, our heart chakra. But the other symbol that is here to talk about this connection is the lotus flower. Specially the 12 petal lotus, which is the flower that represents this same chakra and symbolizes our growth, our growth in love. That is why the Lotus Pendant was developed with the phrase “Grow In Love” on the back of the 12 petal lotus. To remind us that the evolution path is uncertain, but we may trust our instincts and follow our heart. Love is the guiding light.