Golden Drops Choker

Golden Drops Choker



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Prosperity, richness and good luck: the gypsy invests and dresses up in golden. The gold energizes and opens all the once blocked roads.

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  • Material: 18K Gold

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    Deeply intense, intensively awake, incredibly free. This is the spirit of Mama Beads new collection, the Gypsy collection. It was all developed while thinking about pieces that are delicate, and at the same time, mysterious and full of life. The collection mixes symbols and amulets typically gypsy with Mama’s vision and concept, allying the silver, the gold, the natural gemstones and the Zircon to create a new gypsy universe in the jewelry world. The gold is big part of the gypsy culture. As they are nomad, they have always valued gold instead of money, since it never loses its value and it’s very accepted in any place or nation. But besides that, the gold symbolizes prosperity and, specially, the good luck. That’s why the Gypsy collection counts with pieces made in 18k massive gold, a way to go deeper inside the gypsy universe through our pieces. Made in 18K gold, this choker has X golden pendants in the shape of a drop, XX cm of length and X cm extensor. All details and finishing touches is made of gold too.