Gold Hoops 1,4cm

Gold Hoops 1,4cm



Delicate, versatile and accessible: the exact accessory to the inventory of those who believe in the beauty of all details. Perfect for combinations with other earrings and Mama Beads pendants.
  • Hoops sold in pairs
  • Diameter: 1,4cm
  • Thickness: 1mm
  • Weight: aprox. 0,4 grams
  • Material: 18k Gold

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    • SKU ME0008
    Hoops are a powerful classic and that is no news. The first mentions of earrings in humanity history have more than 3000 years. Protection amulets, social position indicators and sacred adornments are just a few of the earring meanings through history. The hoop earrings, preferred by the pirates and all their ostentation, reminisce to luxury and sophistication in a very clean way and, nowadays, is a jewelry with infinite possibilities. They can be matched with other hoops, earrings, necklaces and rings and are a versatile and accessible option for anyone’s inventory. Because it is a classic and popular piece at the same time, can be used in different occasions in a very light, free and loose way.