Flourish Earring 1.0

Flourish Earring 1.0



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The orchid tells us about love in each petal, what resulted in the earring pair Flourish: a choice about self love.
Available in different enamel colors or in sterling silver only.
  • Diameter: 1cm
  • Weight: aprox. 2 grams
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver

    • Avaiability In stock
    • SKU ME0014
    Between arabesques, feminine figures and big nature representations, the Art Noveau style was developed. With its pale and smoky shades, ornamental curves and wavy elements, the humor of the Noveau pieces is mystic and romantic, besides having a mild aura, like a breeze that hits your face and refreshes. The presence of natural themes as leaves and flowers are also very recurrent in the style pieces, as we can observe in the orchids present in Alphonse Muchas’s arabesques. So that was the flower chosen by Mama to represent the love and feminine sensuality. We brought this circular pair of earrings with an orchid detail all in sterling silver, a versatile, simple and accessible product. The Orchid Represents the love and it is a direct reference to the arabesques in Mucha's art pieces.