Where is the company from?

We are a brazilian company based at Maringá in the Paraná state.


Why the name Mama?

Mama is the earth, the night and the sun.

Mama is love.

Is one and is all.

Is here and there.

Mama is today and is tomorrow too.

Mama is woman and natural.

Is real and impossible.

Life that moves.


Why is Mama different then other brands?

We inject our purpose, virtues and meaning in our pieces through consumption of stories and values, and not just more emotionless pieces. We are also the first brazilian brand focused on the bead world specifically.


Are Mama’s beads solid sterling silver?

All of our products are fabricated in 925 sterling massive silver.


What is the hole size for the beads?

About 0,45cm of diameter.


Where does the inspiration for the creations come from?

Our inspiration usually comes from the stories, the nature and everything that revolves around the feminine and its aspects.


How can I get in touch with Mama?

You can talk to us through e-mail, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and smoke signs ;)


How to become a retailer of Mama’s products?

To become a retailer, send an email to together.wegrow@mamabeads.com.br with your personal and work information. Than you’ll just need to wait for Mama’s message on your inbox with more information.