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In the quest for evolution, much of what we have always been taught throughout our lives needs to be reframed. Away from the stereotyped, negative and scary version of fairy tales, the witch has always been a woman who knows the secrets of nature's magical laws - both the external, the world, and the internal, human nature - and she has probably exists since the time of the caves. Witches have always had the fundamental objective of conquering the power of transformation over the things of the world, over others and over themselves. Healers, midwives, astrologers, teachers, tarolologists, wise in the medicinal uses of herbs, knowledgeable about the mysteries of nature, life and death, priestesses, prophetesses. Witches!

Witch, therefore, is a woman of power. And there was a certain moment in humanity (the Middle Ages in particular) when this ancient power and totally connected to the principles of the feminine and of nature became a great threat to the structure of this controlling and limiting society that was built and imposed by men on us along the last years.

That's why Mama Beads decided to dedicate a whole month to the witches of this world. The witch is alive! And she NEEDS to live. Because a witch lives by knowledge, but in addition, she lives to pass it on. Our ancestors passed on to us the teachings that were fundamental for today to be stronger than ever. That's why in October we will talk about it! Rescuing our witch energy: it will be fundamental for us to continue creating a better world for our daughters and granddaughters!


  Magic Potion Personal Diffuser - Cauldron

Mês da Bruxa Mês da Bruxa Mês da Bruxa

Mama's first aroma diffuser is a direct tribute to all the witches who came before and created us stronger and wiser than ever. Have you given voice to your witch intuition? Is your magic asleep? The time has come for witchcraft! It is perfect for storing all your oils and aromas.
The abracadabra of this amulet starts right at the time of purchase: they all come inside the famous Blind Bags, so you only discover the color of your spell when it arrives at your home ... Shall we test the power of your magic?

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Phantom Murano

Mês da Bruxa

BOO! The cutest ghost you've ever seen has just arrived here at Mama's!

But he's different, you can't tell if he came to scare you or if he's already scared ... hahahahah
Best of all: after being exposed to light, it glows in the dark!

Mês da Bruxa

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This is a seasonal product that is only available during that time of year! So enjoy until 10/31 or while stocks last.


Halloween Muranos

Mês da Bruxa

In addition to the news, Mama still has three beautiful Murano beads that have everything to do with witchcraft and will also be available only until the end of this month!

Made from murano glass (which also glows in the dark!), Halloween Muranos are full of drama and perfect to complete any bracelet, especially Halloween themes. Take a look and choose your favorite because they are limited and temporary, see?

Mês da Bruxa Mês da Bruxa Mês da Bruxa

Buy a Gypsy, get 3 charms!

And since the conversation is witchcraft and mysticism, there was no way for us to leave our most powerful and wonderful Gypsy outside this special month.

Throughout the month of October, when you buy a maxi bead The Gipsy in Me, you get three pendants from the Amulet Deal as a gift! Just put it in the cart and contact the team to choose which pendants you want ♥

Mês da Bruxa

But only this month, okay? Hurry and click here and get yours!

The One Who Knows - Jewel of the Month

And for those who still don't know, every month there is a special Mama piece with 30% OFF for you to enjoy! And since this is the month of the witches, nothing better than the Jewel of the Month to be our sage, the first piece in the history of Mama Beads: the bead The One Who Knows.

Mês da Bruxa

Inspired by the short story "La Loba" from the book "Women Who Run with the Wolves" by Clarissa Estés, this piece has a lot of magic and witchcraft involved. She speaks to us directly about rescuing our side of wisdom to set out in search of our vital fire, the feminine energy that keeps us active and alert to hear Mother Earth's calls.

If all you need at this moment is that calm and wisdom to stop and understand what to look for, this is the amulet that is missing from your routine.

Click here and enjoy the special jewel of the month!

Opened Oracles!

Mês da Bruxa

And since the conversation is about witchcraft, there is one more special action here in the store designed for our beloved witches who still don't have a Mama Oracle to call their own.

Only in the month of the witch (October!) we've opened all Blind Bags and made available all the Oracles we have for you yo choose your color!

So enjoy the moment and click here to check the available beauties ♥

Mês da Bruxa


And to complete the spell of October, only this month, aaaaall purchases above US$20 (or gift's stock lasts!) will win the Namaswitch Broom: the big witch that lives in me greets the big witch that exists in you !

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And since the month is really special, we are taking the opportunity to let you know that in the last week of October, the Abracadabra Games Week goes on air on October 26th: a series of promotional actions with gifts, games, sweepstakes, quizzes and much more, everything to energize the week of the Witch and we arrive on Saturday of 10/31 strong and vigorous as the Full Moon that will be blessing us in the sky!

So keep and eye at @mamabeads instagram page because we will keep you informed about eeeverythinh there ♥ ♥

There will be plenty of chances to win a gift from Mama Witch!


So let's start October energizing with the witch's magic?

If there is any doubt, call our team and we will help you!

Ma witches, you have been summoned!