Just like a pair of lungs gasping for fresh air, Mama is born. In the middle of the modern days chaos, the crowded shelves and the extreme consumption, we found the need to ressignify pieces that not only accompany and valorize our bodys, but pieces that feed our souls the same way.

As creative beings, we imagine a world where we can take the reins of our own life and shop doesn’t become just an impulse or way to relieve the problems. Everything we use tells a little bit of us and the decision to choose a new piece can change our confidence and the way we face life adversities. Mama offers a new experience: caring in all the process, since the development of an organized and easy navigation website, until packages specially developed for our beads and jewelry designed from intriguing plots that have real power of identification with our consumers.

Mama beads Package   

We search for an alternative in the way we consume jewelry. It is part of our minds associate this kind of products with big market values, so why not give new values and meanings to this products? We want our pieces to be worthy beyond price: to have a sentimental value, a purpose and mean something to those who wear then. We want our pieces to be like charms and help carrying the life history and personality of who wears them.

For that, we tell stories, tales and narratives. Mama is about unwinding inspiring plots, captivate and involve. Each piece has a purpose, each line has a reason. It has beginning, middle and ending. But is not a complete story. Your imagination and creation are fundamental to construct the outcome. And usually, they end up hanging on your bracelet.

The whole world came from her.

The ground, the river, the flame and the wind.

Me, you and we, creating and moving.

Living and growing, counting and adding.

Everything that comes from the womb is sacred.


We want to be part of the routine of those who wear our products and help building each of them stories. Wise and determined, Mama has just been born and promises big projects for the future. Just a sneek peak on our first collection is enough to enter Mama Beads’ universe. La Loba talks about women and their paths and if you want to take a look at it, just click here.

 La Loba Mama Beads

This is the moment that Mama’s path has crossed your own path. The future remains unpredictable, but we are sure we want to be a part of your stories and be like mama’s embrace: always ready to receive you, full body and soul.


"Jewelry for the body. Tales for the soul."