Nova Coleção SDDS


Nova Coleção SDDS

It is the modern abbreviation of this feeling that can only be translated into Portuguese: saudade, a word that represents the feeling of missing someone or something. But not that feeling that hurts, but that nostalgic one, that makes us travel in memories, remember the sounds, review the scenes, feel the smells, even if it is all within this brilliant thing that is our mind full of memories.

And as we were all 90s and 00s kids around here, the inspiration for this collection came straight from there, from this delicious past where we didn't have many worries besides choosing the hair color of our new Troll, right? LOL

But of course, reference from the past mixed with many delicious and current trends, all with that touch and the charm of Mama Beads!



Mixing silver, natural stones and a lot of delicacy, the new collection comes with even more news: new styles of chains, new sizes of hoops and the piece that you were asking for a long time: Mama's anklets!

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But if you were intrigued, let's get to know each new thing a little more closely? ♥

 New natural gemstones!

Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS

We already know that each crystal and each natural stone has its unique and special properties, so we prepared this post for you to learn more about the gems we have chosen for the new collection!

↠ Colored Opaline ↞

Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS

Opaline stone is born from a mixture of quartz, opalized glass and some other metals and although its origin comes from mixtures, it does not exclude its power and unique beauty.

Stone of hormonal balance and emotional stability and enters a lot in the female affective universe.

It can provide greater fertility, self-knowledge and joy of living.

For cleaning, use only running water and recharge your batteries in a 30-minute bath in the morning sun or under the full moon for an entire night.

The SDDS collection has two types of opaline stone:

The colored polished opaline on the Time for Fun necklaces and bracelets

Nova Coleção SDDS

and the Moon Opaline, this more milky-looking white one available in bracelet, necklace and anklet for you to create fantastic combinations ♥

Nova Coleção SDDS

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↠ The Morganite Necklace ↞

Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS

 The Morganite is known for charging the energies of love. It is a variation of the Beryl crystal and in addition to attracting love, Morganite helps us to preserve it and keep it healthy. In the physical body, it is a crystal that helps fight stress and related illnesses because it activates and purifies the heart chakra.

It is known that wearing a Morganite stone jewelry in your daily life can increase your energy protection, purify your Aura and elevate your spirituality and the love in your heart.

For cleaning, wash it in running water with sea salt for about 3 to 5 minutes, leave it under the Sun for 2 hours and also under the Moonlight for about 4 hours to balance your spiritual forces.

Whenever possible, wash your Morganite in a waterfall water, this will greatly enhance its spiritual and therapeutic energies.

Made only in choker size (40cm) this is one of the most exclusive pieces in the collection ♥

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↠ The gemstone mix! ↞

Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS

This bracelet + necklace duo came to steal your heart and on top of that it is a powerful combination of crystals!

The Gemstone Mix bracelet and necklace combines three different crystals: the lilac Angelita, the blue Aquamarine and the green Jade, which make them very powerful amulets for the who wears it ♥

Angelita acts a lot in connection with spirituality, so it provides encouragement through guardian angels and spiritual mentors.

The natural Aquamarine water is a symbol of happiness, youth, vitality and spirituality. It reduces stress, purifies the surrounding energies, calms the mind, awakens high states of consciousness and gives a feeling of very deep inner peace.

Jades are associated with our main virtues, such as courage, justice, modesty and wisdom. Its positive character is linked to light feelings has given to Jades the property of enhancing divine and unconditional love.

For cleaning the mix, as there are different crystals, running water, sun and moon baths to keep them energized!

Come and check them closely right here.

↠ Heartshaped! ♥ ↞

Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS

And still talking about natural gemstones, this time Mama decided to raise the bar! ♥

The My First Love natural stones are all cut into a heart shape to make the most cute and passionate earrings, pendants and anklets you have ever seen around here.

The color pink is nothing less than Cherry Quartz, this crystal that has great virtues and can absorb, store, release and regulate our vital energies, which helps us achieve a healthy balance and keep us more centered and grounded.

The green hearts are all made in Aventurine, which is a super stone of health and vitality as it strengthens health as a whole, rejuvenates the body and increases our self-healing power. It protects us against energy suckers and helps to transform negative energies into positive ones and attract prosperity to those who use them.

And last (but not least beautiful) we have the Fluorite, this stone that varies from shades of lilac and purple to a wonderful and very charming water green! This crystal can help increase our personal brilliance, strengthen our intellect and increase our attractiveness. It can be considered the crystal of intelligence!

And the best: it has a pendant, a solitaire earring and anklet on any of these wonderful stones ♥

Nova Coleção SDDS

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↠ The sooo loved Gummy Bear! ↞

Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS

That they became a fever on the internet with the fashionist compositions of them it girls and bloggers we have already seen, but it is obvious that Mama would give this piece a special twist, right?

Made with a 925 silver pin, Mama Beads' Gummy Bear is nothing less than a beautiful Strawberry Quartz cut into the shape of a gummy bear! ♥

So in addition to being fashionable, our Gummy Bear is still full of the wonderful properties of this crystal!

The Strawberry Quartz is a gemstone that helps you to live the present in a more conscious and happy way, all of this through the rescue of good humor and the channeling of divine love. This way, this crystal helps us to see everything from a lighter and more positive perspective, which helps us to trust ourselves more.

For its cleaning, use only running water and for its energizing ritual, place the jewel exposed to the sun during the early morning or at sunset for a maximum of 15 minutes.

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 Sterling Silver news!

Nova Coleção SDDS

And since the T is about whats new, the SDDS collection came full of them in all categories of our menu ♥

Come and watch the beauties made in 925 silver and 18k gold plating!

↠ New hoop sizes! ↞

Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS

To complete Mama's hoop team, we have two new pieces on the SDDS collection: 

The 3,5cm hoop, perfect to match the smaller rings, is available in silver and also gold plated version!

Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS

The other new one is the 5,5cm hoop, available on sterling silver version!

Nova Coleção SDDS

And the largest of them all. the 7cm hoop earring, available in sterling silver and also gold plated version!

Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS

To compare sizes:

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↠ New chain wefts! ↞

Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS

Two more news coming out of the oven! The SDDS collection brought two new beautiful chain weaves:

The Cartier Chain, this rectangular, which is available in the trio of bracelet, anklet and necklace!

 Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS 

And the Marbles Chain, this delicate and fluffy one available in silver and gold plated!

SDDS New Collection SDDS New Collection

Because Mama knows that she has nothing better than a little basic!

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↠ The anklets ↞

Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS

You asked a lot and Mama couldn't help but fulfill a wish from our babies ♥

The anklets arrived at the store already in style! There are four different options:

In the Cartier Anklet and in the Portuguese Anklet:

Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS

And with natural gemstones on the Moon Opaline or My First Love anklets: 

Nova Coleção SDDS Nova Coleção SDDS

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↠ Nesflash: extensions and the clasp pendant! ↞

And thinking about making things more accessible and practical for you, Mama has prepared two novelties that have changed the world of jewelry in recent times!

The new Clasp Pendants are perfect for you to hang pendants on chains, earrings, bracelets, anklets and wherever else you want to invent! They are available in sterling silver and also in 18k gold plating.

Nova Coleção SDDS

And thinking about how to make our products more accessible to the different types of bodies present in the world, we present you the Mama Beads Extender Chains!

Nova Coleção SDDS

Available in two sizes, 5cm or 10cm, they are made so that you can extend any piece of stone according to your needs. Fits necklaces, bracelets, anklets, wherever you want, as they come with a zipper that allows them to fit and any piece!

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Hey, did we make you go back to the past? ♥

Come and tell us what your favorite piece of the new collection is!