Life’s rhythym is mad, we live imerse in work, cellphones and computers. Running around from here to there all the time. But there is something that can help you deal with every day routine and push your hability to create: introduce art and artistic inspiration in daily bases. A musical playlist well organized, nice photographs, a visit to the cinema or theatre, everything can help to relieve the pressure.

And always thinking about that, Mama´s prepared a great selection of inspiring wallpapers to help you to don’t forget about the beauty in life and how she pulses around us through people and nature. And after all, who doesn’t love a cute wallpaper for the phone or computer? ✨

They are vertical (mobile version) and horizontal (desktop version) images of photos, illustrations and graphic art inspired in our most romantic collection, the Noveau collection, and everything was put up together by us with much love and caring. 
So right click to open the whole size images, download it, save it, share it, and in case you like it a lot and use it, print it and tag @mamabeads so we can follow and admire <3


Dança MobileDança MobileMúsica MobileMúsica MobilePoesia MobilePoesia MobilePintura MobilePintura MobileAs MariasWallpaper NoveauWallpaper Noveau MobileWallpaper Noveau Mobile


Wallpaper Noveau DesktopWallpaper Noveau DesktopWallpaper Noveau DesktopWallpaper Noveau Desktop

With love,

Team Mama

“Jewerly for the body, tales for the soul.”