Between arabesques, feminine figures and big nature representations, the Art Noveau style was developed. With its pale and smoky shades, ornamental curves and wavy elements, the humor of the Noveau pieces is mystic and romantic, besides having a mild aura, like a breeze that hits your face and refreshes. And directly connected to the ornamental style of the XX century beginning, Mama brought the conection between art and nature as the main feature of extremely detailed and delicate pieces: meet the new collection Noveau.

Nova Coleção Noveau

With the intention of translating all the freshness and delicacy of the Art Noveau style, the new collection pays tribute to one of the favorite Mama's theme: the feminine body in all it's singularity and beauty. There are curves, pearls and orchids translated into jewelry inspired by the feminine, by art and by naturality, where the water moving, the flock of birds and even the flowers growing is a fertile field to artistic manifestation. Meet the full collection clicking here.

And in the middle of this exuberance of details, we face a big and extremely diversified collection. There are earrings, chains, beads, pendants and rings, all guided by the Art Noveau style and, specially, by the work of the czech painter Alphonse Mucha, the one who produced the art series that directly inspired the most significant pieces of the collection: the bead deal As Marias. 

Combo As Marias

At the height of his fame, Alphonse Mucha, the czech artist exponent of the school of art Noveau, dedicated one of his great inspirational moments for the series of pictures The Art, that consists in four colour lithograph pieces where each one of them represents a different artistic manifestation: the Dance, the Painting, the Music and the Poetry. But the artist's creative mind, leaving aside any musical instrument or any traditional tools as pencil, canvas or brushes, emphasized the capacity that the natural beauty has to inspired presenting each of the four with its own personality and special time of the day.

The Art Series By Alphonse Mucha

From there, Mama did her spell and the cicle of inspiration continued to give fruit. Along with the illustrator Danilo Augusto (@daniloaug), we produced our own rereading of the four artistic manifestations, as in Mucha's series. By bringing their body's representation to the current days and molds, the Marias were born: four sterling silver beads, each one inspired by one of our rereadings. Sisters of art, sisters of soul, daughters of the beauty, of the creation and the imperfection. Meet our watercolors (that has been turned into postcards! ♥)


                      Music                                   Poetry                                       Painting                                      Dance        


Meet more about each one closely:



Attentive, Music puts her hands to her ears: who knows where is the next nature song coming from? A nightingale that sings from its branch, the water that rises from the source on the ground or the rustle of the leaves in the wind. Because the first one who doesn’t fall in love by her that shoots the first rock.

Meet more about music here.




Is it her that admires the flower or the flower who admires her? She was born daughter of the admiration for the world and the nature is what sparkles the Painting’s eyes. The flower in her hands irradiates inspiration and her moment is the day in its fullest: the perfect hour to choose the the colors of a news painting.

Meet more about painting here.




You’re existence is divine. With the calm that only those who are artists know, she contemplates life surrounding her. We don’t know if it is the moonlight or the leaves moving, but her eyes already can see: a new verse is born, feel welcome, Poetry.

Meet more abou poetry here.




Between a twirl or another, she will manage to get your attention in just one blink of her long lashes. Her hair flows in the rhythm of the autumn breeze: sensual, she is Dance.

Meet more about dance here.

But beyond beads and all the inspiration around the new pieces, the Noveau collection came ready to surprise you. Meet our new muranos, the first lampwork releases of Mama!

100% handmade and inspired by nature, the Noveau Collection brought The Mornin Breeze and The Moonrise, two beads murano type produced in sterling silver and glass, besides the new dangle The Nature Marble, another piece fresh release from Mama Beads. They are beads that can be considered big and are the perfect match for combinations with other pieces of the collection, as the deal As Marias and The Venus pendant, other Noveau news.

Meet more about the details of each one of them:


In a really detailed work, we transformed the morning breeze in a murano glass bead: light and delicate, the perfect start for your day.

A Brisa da ManhãA brisa da ManhãA Brisa da Manhã

Meet more about the Morning Breeze here.


Only the ones who have already known the beauty of the moonrise will understand where does this glass bead inspiration comes.

O Nascer da LuaO Nascer da LuaO Nascer da Lua

Meet more about the Moonrise here.


Between scents, colors and textures, the nature transforms all the time. Timeless, the Nature Marble is born by the hands of mother earth. 

O Mármore da NaturezaO Mármore da NaturezaO Mármore da Natureza

The Marble Nature Dangle is a part of The Marias Deal: buy the four beads and take one Nature Marble for free!

Meet more about the Nature Marble here.

There are more then 15 new products distribued through all the store and, besides the Marias, the new glass muranos and all the rest, there is one extra Noveau collection's product that deserves your close attenttion.


Different of all you have ever seen in the bead or jewelry world, meet the new piece The Arabesque: just as in Mucha's paintings, it has the role to embelish and decorate art, that is why it must be used as a type of frame to other beads and pendants, both in bracelets and necklaces. The best of it is that it is avaliable in two different options: with colored enamel (one side green and other side pink) or black enamel, so you can choose your favorite.

O ArabescoO ArabescoO ArabescoO ArabescoO ArabescoO Arabesco

Did you get curious to learn more about The Arabesque and all the Noveau collection? You can click here and have access to the entire collection and fall in love with it.

We hope our new creations may continue to be a part of your journey through out the world.

Feel sacred with your Noveau piece: your body is a temple decorated for life celebration.

 With love,

Team Mama

“Jewerly for the body, tales for the soul.”