The Collection

Nova Coleção Cigana Nova Coleção Cigana Nova Coleção Cigana

Deeply intense, intensively awake, incredibly free. This is the spirit of Mama Beads new collection, the Gypsy collection. It was all developed while thinking about pieces that are delicate, and at the same time, mysterious and full of life. The collection mixes symbols and amulets typically gypsy with Mama’s vision and concept, alying the silver, the gold, the natural gemstones and the Zircon to create a new gypsy universe in the jewelry world. And this post is for you to deepen even more in the meanign of some symbols! Come and check it all! 

The poem

Nova Coleção Cigana - Arte por Elisa Riemer

I lost myself in the gypsy eyes
It cut me like ice
Burned just like fire
Made my body her shelter
Danced out and messed up my place
Punctured my chest, my forehead and intestine
Read my palm, my back and destiny
If they have cried, she smiled
If they have stayed, she’s gone
If they have asked, she did not sag
If they have deserved, she sees them
Anchor that holds, key that untangles
The coin of the justice, the Samsara that guides it all
Her magic made me alert
Her ocean eyes ingnite
Free body, awaken soul
I lost myself in the gypsy eyes...

"Free body; awaken soul."

The Gypsy Amulets

The collection counts with five gypsy amulets that were transformed into pendants made of sterling silver and Zircon stone, each one with it's special meaning completing our Amulets Deal. Learn more about each one of them in this post!

Key RingGobletDaggerHorseshoe

The Key

The key, a typical gypsy symbol, represents our ability to overcome challenges, solve enigmas and open the doors that were once closed. Who has the key to the world has everything.

Made in sterling silver, this pendant has an application of a Zircon stone available in four different collors.


"Nobody can stop me, I have the solution of the world in my hands: the master key of those who are not afraid of the destiny."

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The Ring

The ring, a symbol truly connected with the gypsy people, represents the cycle of life because it doesn’t have beginning, middle or ending, and it is also for that that it became the symbol of the romantic union, since the true love is forever.

Made in sterling silver, this pendant has an application of a Zircon stone available in four different collors.


"In constant renovation, the true love is forever. Union of bodies, union of souls. The ring of life has no beginning or ending."

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The Goblet

The goblet is a gypsy symbol that represents the receptivity and the welcoming. It is also a symbol of celebration and communion, since every drink poured inside of it will gain its shape, just like it was feeling at home.

Made in sterling silver, this pendant has an application of a Zircon stone available in four different collors.


"Make yourself at home, today we will share this goblet. Whatever your drink of choice is, when inside of it, it will gain its shape: and so we will celebrate, united."

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The Dagger

The dagger is a famous gypsy symbol frequently used in magic rituals. It is a symbol of power, strength, victory and overcoming, besides being considered a symbol of the pioneering spirit, since it was used to open new paths among the woods and a strong instrument energy transmutator.

Made in sterling silver, this pendant has an application of a Zircon stone available in four different collors.


“I am strong, powerful and victorious because I overcame challenges. Unveiled the woods and opened paths where they didn’t even exist yet. With the dagger in my hands, I transmute energy and knock all the barriers.”

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The Horseshoe

The horseshoe symbolizes the good energies and luck, besides representing the good effort and hard work. For the gypsy people, it is a powerfull talisman that attracts fortune and pushes bad luck away.

Made in sterling silver, this pendant has seven applications of Zircon stone available in four different collors.


"With effort and hard work, luck is just a matter of time. I open myself to the good fluids, I don’t give space to the mischances: fortunate are those with a free mind."

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The misterious piece

Nova Coleção Cigana - Blind Bags

Inside the Gypsy collection we have a misterious piece. But why misterious?

Because it is wraped in Blind Bags, that are sealed packages in a way that you only find out its color only when ir arrives at your place. It is totally random and at the mercy of faith!

Let's know more about our misterious piece?

The Oracle

The crystal ball was one of the resources embraced by the gypsy people in their studies of the future and development of their predictions. Through the study of the symbology of the colors and images and its interpretation, we are able to reveal our future and deepen inside our inner world. The oracle opens our minds to self knowledge and to the intelligence of our own actions, becoming not only a Love Oracle, but to all the questions that involve energetic influences.

Thinking about that, Mama developed in lampwork and sterling silver a crystal ball shrouded by a pair of hands, as they were energizing this gypsy oracle. The sphere made of glass was produced in random colors and the bead was packed on “blind bags”, which are sealed surprise packages, so that you only know the color of your crystal ball when it arrives at your place.

Is a way to encourage your syntonization with your own destiny and strengthen your faith, since, as the crystal ball itself, the Oracle only reveals what is already a part of you.

 Made in sterling silver and lampwork, this bead can be used in necklaces, chains, bracelets.


"Place your best energy on the Oracle and it will show you the way. In the middle of the smoke, clouds and colors, you will connect with the universe’s great energetic flow."

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