Solo Sagrado - Mini Útero


Since Mama's first collection, the feminine symbolism has been present in all the pieces. The iconic piece The Strenght brought the uterus and its power of representation into this powerful piece with poweful presence.

Seeking to make this energy even more accessible for those who accompany Mama, we created a piece as powerful
asThe Strenght for those who dream of honoring our ancestry and everything that nature provides us, from the inside out.

 The Sacred Soil is a 2,2cm width bead in the shape of a uterus born to celebrate and honor the divine blood that accompany us every mont in each bleed. Woman, your body talks and your blood is life!

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Solo Sagrado - Mini Útero Solo Sagrado - Mini Útero Solo Sagrado - Mini Útero


Solo Sagrado - Mini Útero

It was born with La Loba collection and changed our point of view. The most pure energy, the strongest power, the most patient calm. All that we need is inside us: and comes from our ovaries.

Mama is energy. Strength of those who create and dedicate with the eye closed in the name of the whole world. It is the one who holds tight, is the foundation, matriarch. And when she has her energy recycled by the wild call, it’s in the uterus and the ovaries that the feminine energy inflamates. When we rescue our vivacity, we get in touch to what is the most primitive and natural of our essence: the power of facing the currents and affront what tries to silence us. The Strength represent on almost 27g of sterling silver our natural woman strength, in balance with the fragility of who is not afraid of living her feelings and sensations in a intense mood.

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Solo Sagrado - Mini Útero

But Mama does not talks only about pieces! The Sacred Soil pendant is the top of a hole journey talking about femininity, acceptance and power. In our instagram, we have been sharing videos about our cycles, bodies and feminine living!

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