Nova Coleçâo Eu Inteira, Inteiro Eu


There is a principle that says that the energy that exists in the Universe is polarized in two aspects: the feminine and the masculine. These forces are present in everything that is part of nature and existence. Day and night. Light and shadow. Body and spirit. And all beings have this duality within them. When our male and female forces are in balance, the energy flow becomes complete. On the contrary, when there is an imbalance, the flow is interrupted and that is when the diseases and the breakdowns occur, both on the personal and physical as well as on the universal and spiritual planes.

Thinking about the power that the contact and connection with nature and its resources can bring us, Mama Beads prepared a special collab in this new collection entirely developed in 100% natural stone pieces. The collection “Me Entire, Entire Me” is formed by 10 bracelets produced with 10 different natural crystals and, looking for the principle of internal balance, they were divided into two groups: those that connect with our Female half, our sensitivity, intuition and spirit, and those that connect with our Male half, our vitality, concentration and power of action.

Nova Coleçâo Eu Inteira, Inteiro Eu


And this is where the power of collaboration comes in: in partnership with the aromatic medicine developed by Tecer Amor, each bracelet accompanies a Half Potion, all prepared with great love and care in this new collaboration between magical women!

 There are two types of potions: the Female Potion and the Male Potion, each with its own properties and intentions.

Nova Coleçâo Eu Inteira, Inteiro Eu

Now let's know the properties of each bracelet? ♦ 


The female half is lunar, wise and intuitive.

Nova Coleçâo Eu Inteira, Inteiro Eu

The greatest act of freedom is to trust your intuition and pursue your own truth! The Female Half Potion was developed Tecer Amor and its aroma mixes Jasmin, which brings out the deepest within us, sensitivity, creativity and emotion. It is an invitation to remove all masks and be who we are, without any labels or weights. It also has Cedar, that enhances the connection between body, mind and spirit and has the strength to evoke intuitive strength and discernment, as it can bring the mind to the spirit level. This is a potion of spiritual strength and stability, in addition to bringing out Divine Love.

All the female half bracelets come with a Female Half Potion and in aromatic medicine it makes no difference where to use the scent, as long as you can smell it. It can be used on you, your clothes, diffusers or in the environment, what matters is to smell it, so that your sense of smell sends a message to your limbic lobe, which is the responsible for our sentimental information.

As they are made by natural crystals, each bracelet has its own properties. Lets find out the ones with more connection with our feminine half?



Pulseira Água MarinhaPulseira Água MarinhaPulseira Água Marinha

The Aquamarine is a symbol of happiness, youth, vitality and spirituality. It reduces stress, purifies the surrounding energies, calms the mind, awakens high states of consciousness and can give us a feeling of very deep inner peace. It is a crystal that fights the forces of darkness, facilitates communication with the beings of light, favors meditation and blocks other people's negative thoughts. Bracelet made entirely of natural Aquamarine stone without dyeing and silicone elastic for easy handling.

Due to its light blue hue like the sea and the sky, has a calming effect that helps to reduce stress, calms the mind and elevates spirituality. It provides good spirits, clarity for our thoughts and general well-being.

To elevate your spirituality, awaken your intuition and have revealing dreams, sleep with your bracelet under your pillow or meditate with it next to you. For spiritual protection, always wear it on your wrist. For therapeutic effects, place the bracelet on your abdomen, relax, internalize your intentions and imagine a clear, greenish-blue light coming out of it and covering your entire body.

The first cleaning of your Aquamarine Stone Bracelet should be done under running water and then live it to rest for an hour in a container with fresh water. To frequently energize it, leave it under the sunlight for about 30 minutes, but be careful, do not leave it in the sun for long periods as excess light energy can wear out its colors.

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Pulseira LabradoritaPulseira LabradoritaPulseira Labradorita

The Labradorite is an extremely mystical and spiritual stone that expands our consciousness, helps prevent the energy waste, activates clairvoyance, protects therapists and connects us with the universal energies of Light. Its highly spiritual vibrations facilitate initiation into the mystic world, helps to remember our spiritual purpose, and awaken intuition and psychic gifts.

The crystal has extremely mystical vibrations that help those seeking for spiritual elevation to dive deeper into esoteric studies. It has the power to raise consciousness, fix spiritual energies in our physical body, awaken our psychic and mental capacities and strengthen our confidence in the Universe.

To raise your consciousness, purify your energy field, activate and strengthen your psychic and spiritual gifts, meditate with the crystal close to you. To protect and purify your aura, block energy attacks, increase your spiritual energy and connect with the forces of Light, wear your Labradorite bracelet.

Because it contains a lot of luminous and spiritual energy, this crystal does not need to be cleaned very often. To purify your energies, wash it in running water with coarse salt for about 5 minutes. To purify its energies, wash it in running water with coarse salt for about 5 minutes. To recharge its complementary forces, leave it in the Sun for about an hour and in the moonlight for about four hours.

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Pulseira Pedra da Lua OrangePulseira Pedra da Lua OrangePulseira Pedra da Lua Orange

The Orange Moonstone has its spiritual energies very connected with the highest feminine powers. It can awaken our psychic abilities, increase mediumship and elevate our spirituality. This crystal strengthens feminine energy, which greatly favors women's health, in addition to helping to increase our attractiveness and personal magnetism.

It is a crystal that works in a very loving way, promoting emotional healing throughout all our being. It opens our mind so that we can see new opportunities and reach important discoveries. By raising our intuition so much, it can also help us see new solutions to old problems.

To strengthen your intuition through revealing dreams, sleep with it under your pillow. To promote your physical health and strengthen your feminine energy, wear it on your wrist or hold it with your left hand for a few minutes every day. If you want to awaken your clairvoyance or strengthen your mind, place the bracelet in the center of your forehead and do a meditation for about thirty minutes during a few weeks.

Because it contains a high spiritual frequency, the Moonstone is very sensitive to negative energies and vibrations and therefore should be washed more often. For its energetic cleaning, wash it under running water with coarse salt for three minutes. To balance its feminine energy, leave it on grains of rice. For a complete recharge, leave it in the moonlight for at least three hours every time you clean it.

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Pulseira SodalitaPulseira SodalitaPulseira Sodalita 

The Sodalite is a powerful crystal of spiritual elevation, meditation and energy protection. It has the power to strengthen the mind, increase our power of intuition, and ward off all types of energy attacks. Its high vibrations can help to expand our spiritual awareness, calm emotions and balance our mental energy.

It is a crystal that strengthens our spirituality and can help to awaken the higher powers of the mind through the activation of the pineal gland, which is the gland of our mental life.  It is excellent for meditation, as it helps to calm emotions and also facilitates access to the higher states of mind. Its strong vibrations protect us from the negative effects of cell phone electromagnetic waves and neutralize other negative energies.

This is the crystal for those who search for inspiration, peace of spirit, courage and self knowledge, since opens our eyes to the essential things in life. To awaken the higher capacities of your mind and raise your intuition, meditate using the bracelet for a few days in a row. To have revealing dreams, sleep with her under your pillow.

Sodalite must be cleaned and energized constantly. For a complete cleaning, place the bracelet in a container with water and coarse salt and let it rest for three hours. Remove it from the container and dry it well, as the water contains iodine which can change the color of the crystal. This is a lunar crystal, so you can abuse of moon bathing to keep it always energized.

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Pulseira UnakitaPulseira UnakitaPulseira Unakita

The Unakite is a crystal of protection, energetic healing and a facilitator in opening our spiritual vision. It helps in predicting the future and paves the way for important life revelations, as well as facilitating meditation by acting as an energetic anchor. It is a strong amulet for protection against radiation from televisions and other electrical equipment and has the power to remove barriers to growth, calm the mind and helping resolving conflicts from past lives.

It is considered a vision stone because it allows the balance between emotions and spirituality. When placed over the third eye, it helps to open it up and to promote the clarity of our psychic vision. This stone also anchors energy when needed and can be useful in the moment after meditation or psychic work. The Unakite gem can facilitate rebirth by bringing light and integrating revelations from the past about our limitations and eliminating roadblocks that hinder spiritual growth.

Unakite helps in the recovery and treatment from serious illnesses. It is connected to the reproductive system and can promote a healthy pregnancy. This crystal is also useful in past life therapy, as it shows the source of the problem and helps us to see it from another angle. Wear this bracelet on a daily basis for energy protection, purify the aura, elevate your spirituality and intensify your personal shine. 


For its complete energy cleaning, wash it in running water with sea salt for three to five minutes. To recharge its strength, leave your bracelet in the sun for two hours and do a moonlight bathing for about four hours for its spiritual balancing. Whenever possible, wash your Unakita Bracelet in sea water, as it enhances its spiritual energies.

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Nova Coleçâo Eu Inteira, Inteiro Eu

Transform yourself. Don't be immobile in emptiness. Developed by Tecer Amor thinking about contemplating and harmonizing our masculine aspects, this aroma brings out the inner strength, brings focus, presence and concentration. It encourages you to move, ground your roots, brings vitality, disposition and a lot of power of action. It also connects with the basic and crown chakra, which is our communication center with the wisdom of the universe.

The male half is solar, active and pulsating.

All bracelets from the male half come with a Male Half Potion.

As they are made by natural crystals, each bracelet has its own properties. Lets find out the ones with more connection with our male half?



Pulseira Ágata Blue LakePulseira Ágata Blue LakePulseira Ágata Blue Lake

The Blue Lake Agate is a stone of energetic balance, physical healing, vitality and spiritual protection. It has great healing power, potential to balance and energize our Chakras, in addition to invigorating the body, helping to awaken our inner strength and transforming negative energy into positive. It is a natural balance between Yin and Yang by calming emotions, improving the energy of the environments around us and protecting our aura.

It promotes acceptance of our true selves by stimulating our self-confidence and raising our awareness, encouraging us to see life with more happiness and optimism. Its vibrations favor good memory, improve concentration, strengthen the mind, raise the energies of the environments and harmonize our entire personal energy field. According to popular wisdom, it helps to attract unexpected wealth and gain.

Wear this bracelet to seek energy protection, strengthen health, attract prosperity, balance your aura and increase your vital energy. When placed on the heart, it heals emotional ailments that block the acceptance of love. Over the abdomen, it stimulates the digestive process and relieves problems such as gastritis. To take advantage of its therapeutic effects, place it in the place that needs treatment and leave it for thirty minutes to two hours.

For complete energy cleaning, wash it under running water with sea salt for three to five minutes. To recharge its strength, leave it in the sun for two hours. Also leave it in the moonlight for about four hours to balance your spiritual strength. The Blue Lake Agate should be cleaned at least once a month or whenever you feel it is necessary to recharge or clean it.

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Pulseira AmazonitaPulseira AmazonitaPulseira Amazonita

The Amazonite functions as a powerful amulet to attract good things, open the way to success, ward off negative energies and give good luck to its bearer. It also protects us against electrical radiation, promotes learning and awakens creativity. It can also neutralize negative energies, increase our intuition, help expand consciousness, improve sleep quality and balance our vital energy.

It attracts good luck, strengthens the mind and purifies energies. It neutralizes the negative radiation from cell phones and computers around us and protects our energy field. Its super harmonious vibrations provide a sense of peace and elevate our spirituality. It is also a gemstone capable of treating bones and improving the quality of sleep for those who use it.

The Amazonite is highly recommended for people who suffer from osteoporosis, as it strengthens bones, reduces problems of calcium deficiency and harmonizes metabolism. Emotionally, it can reduce traumas and fears, relieve worries, calm the mind and improve sleep quality when used under the pillow. Wear it on your wrist to attract good luck, protect your energy field and harmonize emotions. 


For complete energy cleaning of the Amazonite, wash it with running water and a little coarse salt or sea salt. To recharge it, leave it in the sunlight for one to two hours at most and, to balance your energies even more, leave it in contact with the earth for about three hours and then wash it under running water.

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Pulseira CornalinaPulseira CornalinaPulseira Cornalina

The Carnelian is a crystal full of energies that favor success, health and our vital force. It stimulates the appearance of positive changes in our lives, favors professional success, restores our vitality, gives courage and eliminates fears. Its vibrations strengthen the circulation of energy in the body and in the aura, stimulating the metabolism and protecting us against envy and negative spiritual forces.

It is is a gemstone of extremely strong positive and vitalizing energies. It is excellent for eliminating physical and mental fatigue, protecting us from envy, evil eye and negative forces. Its vibrations are so strong and positive that they are able to recharge the strength of other crystals and even purify the energy of the most negative environments. It awakens creativity, eliminates negative thoughts, sharpens the mind and strengthens self-esteem, characteristics that favor success in all areas of life.

The vibrations of this stone can accelerate the healing of bones, reduce back pain and help cure arthritis, depression and kidney function. Because it emits a lot of vital energy, this crystal stimulates metabolism, increases fertility, increases sexual energy and improves our physical and mental disposition. It also stimulates blood circulation and helps to cure cases of impotence and frigidity. Wear your bracelet daily to increase your disposition, favor success, strengthen health, attract positive changes in life and for personal energy protection.


The Carnelian is a special stone that has the ability to recharge itself, but if you want to strengthen even more its energy, leave your bracelet in the sunlight for about three hours and, to recharge its spiritual energies, leave it in the light of moon for about four hours. For a complete energy purification, wash it in running water with coarse salt for about five minutes.

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Pulseira Quartzo VerdePulseira Quartzo VerdePulseira Quartzo Verde

The Green Quartz is a powerful stone of health, vitality and energizing environments. Its green color transmits the healing energy of nature to cells and thus strengthens health as a whole, rejuvenating the body and increasing our self-healing power. Its energies protect against energetic vampirism, transform negative energies into positive ones and help to attract prosperity to its bearer.

It is a mineral that improves health as a whole, increases our energy, eliminates physical and mental tiredness, balances emotions and strengthens metabolism. Its vibrations energize and purify environments, neutralize the harmful effects of cell phone radiation and attract prosperity and abundance. It is great for helping children grow, dispel negative thoughts and lift our mood. Because it contains Silicon Dioxide, Green Quartz has a very rejuvenating action and can help prevent sagging, stretch marks and cellulite.

Wear your Green Quartz bracelet every day to strengthen health, rejuvenate your body, purify your energies and increase your physical vitality. If you want to use its therapeutic effects, place the crystal in the center of your chest and visualize a light green coming out of it and covering yo