Inspired by the tale “La Loba” from the book “Mulheres que Correm com Lobos”, de Clarissa Estés, Mama Beads first collection has come to life. Mama tells stories, captivates and involves, and nothing better than starting the work talking about the feminine strength and all that we can rescue when we connect to our wild woman. A tale about patience, perseverance and naturalness, La Loba talks about everyone of us. We just need to take a moment and hear the inner calling.

 La Loba Mama Beads

Read our version of the tale:

“Bone by bone, hair by hair, the wild woman comes back.” ESTÉS, Clarissa. “Mulheres que correm com lobos”, 2014.

In a place where everyone knows but only a few have been, there is an old woman. She is known by many names, and one of them is “La Loba”, the Wolf-Woman. Your job is to collect bones and her specialty are the wolves. With her callused feet and old hands, she wanders around in search of wolf bones until she gets together a full skeleton. When the last bone is setted up, she picks up wood and gathers to the fire, seeking a new song to sing. After choosing the song, she reaches her arms above the skeleton and sings. Then, under the fire light, the bones start to gain flesh and hair, while La Loba sings even louder. All of a sudden, the wolf-creature starts to breath. And the old woman’s singing gets so powerfull that the ground shakes and the wolf opens its eyes to, in a quick move, start a rampant race towards nature. No one knows if it’s the speed of it’s race or the mix of dust that lifts up from the ground with the muddy water of the rivers, suddenly the wolf becomes a woman that smiles and leaves free towards the horizon.


 And from this tale came all of our pieces:

The one who knows- La Loba Mama Beads

Representing the old wise woman, The One Who Knows was born as the representation of the elderly woman that we all have inside us. It is our role to identify and rescue, with carefulness and persistence, all that we have abandoned through life on behalf of other responsibilities, searching to strengthen our touch with what is the most natural and primitive of us, so than we can lit up the inner flame of our feminine energy, which moves and feeds our souls. Click here to shop.

The bone bag- La Loba Mama Beads

The elderly woman’s company is her Bone Bag, which is where she collects her bones. They represent the hobbies, professions, tastes, all the things we end up giving up in behalf of our families, siblings and other people, abdicating what really matters for us in the name of the well-being of other people and other responsibilities. Click here to shop.

She Wolf- La Loba Mama Beads

As the representation of the wild woman that rises from the fire ritual, She Wolf is the wolf that we can all rescue: its strength, determination and cunning are a piece of each and every woman, even the ones that left She Wolf behind in some moment of the journey. After being strengthened and invigorated, we become wolves ready to face life adversities, without any fear of feeling or supporting our own beliefs and what moves us. Click here to shop.

The Strengh - La Loba Mama BeadsThe Strengh - La Loba Mama Beads

And since we are talking about the natural feminine force, The Strength represents in a literal form the beauty and infinite possibilities that the femininity allows. We are all elders and wolves, we just need to silence and pay truly attention to hear the inner call of the wild woman and reignite the flame. And the strength to do it is not in the world or in the other people, but inside, in our own energy and inner force. Click here to shop.

To illustrate even more the tale and our collection, we produced a film about La Loba and all of its wild and natural nuances. Watch “La Loba” here:

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 Coleção La Loba Mama Beads