Grow In Love: Mama's new collection has arrived! And she came with a star: nothing less then the Watermelon Tourmaline! And this powerfull brazillian crystal was not chosen in vain. Mixing different proposals of the silver and this gemstone, Grow in Love talks about love, growing in love, harmony and the energization of our bodies and souls. Filled with amulets full of meaning and special properties, this is, no doubts, the most lovely and lovable collection from Mama Beads! Com and see it all now! 

Crystals has always been a powerfull way of regenerating and cure in many different rituals and cultures. It is known that when you have a crystal, you and it may connect with each other through what already connects us, that it is the universe's energy, if well energized and programmed. Now imagine if you could have jewelry that enpower your crystals and keep them always close? That is how Grow In Love works: a collection full of amulets where the Watermelon Tourmaline is the star and, together with other symbols and pieces, energizing agents filled with properties and benefits.

Grow In Love - Pingente Cura Grow In Love - Brinco Yam Grow In Love - Yam Earrings

The Watermelon Tourmaline

Grow In Love - Mama Beads

It wasn't for nothing that it was the chosen to star in this collection. The harmony that the green and pink colors mix and balance each other to form this gem give this natural crystal the quality of representing our cardiac chakra in its most integrated and balanced state. e

 Grow In Love - Mama Beads

In current times, the emotional and energetic balance is a matter of survival and the Watermelon Tourmaline is a tool for us to see through our emotional questions in a lighter and more mature way, releasing our negative charges with a more broader and integrated view to the set of experiences we face in life.

Grow In Love - Anel do Equilíbrio

Grow in Love brings many pieces that can be considered energizing amulets.

Throughout the collection, the Ring of Balance receives this name because presents to us the natural gemstones in its most raw shape among all the collection pieces. . It is the representation of all the greatness in the Watermelon Turmaline: unconditional love, forgiveness and sensibility in a crystal that is directly connected to our cardiac chakra.

"In the world of the unbalanced, whoever finds harmony is a queen."

The Yam Earrings brings this crystal in a raw representation of its variety and versatility, since it can be purchased in 4 differents shades of Watermelon Tourmaline: salmon, pink, green and water green. 

Grow In Love - Brinco Yam Grow In Love - Brinco Yam Grow In Love - Brinco Yam

Yam is a mantra that connects straightly to our cardiac chakra, just like the Watermelon Tourmaline.

Grow In Love - Mama Beads Grow In Love - Mama Beads Grow In Love - Mama Beads

They are many products made in Tourmaline, silver and oxidized silver geathered to build a collection that talks about looking to inside to feel the best of all loves: the self one.

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