Since its first version in 2020, the Grow in Love collection has had the Watermelon Tourmaline as the protagonist of the collection due to the harmony of its green and pink colors mix and balance, which gives this natural crystal the quality of representing our heart chakra in its most integrated and balanced state.

We've prepared this blog post to show you which classic pieces of the collection were restocked, which were revamped and what's new! ♥

The Classics

Dear, loved and adored:

still beautiful (and in stock!) all these beauties made in 925 silver and Tourmaline Watermelon.

The Balance Ring

Anel do Equilíbrio Anel do Equilíbrio Anel do Equilíbrio

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Anahata Choker

Gargantilha Anahata Gargantilha Anahata Gargantilha Anahata

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Lotus Pendant

Pingente Lótus Dourado Pingente Lótus Pingente Lótus

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Tourmaline Choker and Bracelet

Gargantilha Turmalina Gargantilha TurmalinaPulseira Turmalina

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Redesigned and News

Find out which piece is revamped in the collection and discover the latest news in natural stone!

Yam Earrings

Brinco Yam Brinco Yam Brinco Yam

This time it came back bigger, longer and with much more variety of watermelon tourmaline shades!
Pinks and greens joining 925 silver for the purpose of harmony.

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The Balance Pendant and Earrings

Pingente do Equilíbrio Brinco do Equilíbrio Brinco do Equilíbrio

In the same vibe as the Balance Ring, the Pendant and the Earring bring a slice of the Watermelon Tourmaline as the protagonist of the piece!

Extremely reduced units, enjoy ♥

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Manam Tourmaline Ring, Earrings and Pendant

Anel Manam Turmalina Brinco Manam Turmalina Pingente Manam Turmalina

In the same vibe of the Primitive pieces, new versions of Manam rings and earrings, but now with the power of this incredible crystal that is Watermelon Tourmaline and its various tones!

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Tourmaline Kalai Necklace

Colar Kalai Colar Kalai Colar Kalai

The Watermelon Tourmaline version of this iconic Mama Beads necklace manages to surpass the beauty levels!

Half made in Green Watermelon Tourmaline, half in Pink Watermelon Tourmaline and, right in the middle, a raw watermelon tourmaline to finish ♥

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Blue Tourmaline

Gargantilha Turmalina Azul Brinco do Equilíbrio Turmalina Azul

And the biggest novelty in the collection is the entry of Turmalina Azul at Mama!

The Blue Tourmaline Choker comes powerful and, along with it, more bluish versions of the Earring of Balance and the Manam Tourmaline Pendant and Ring.

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