Coleção Dourada


"Woman, your soul shines more then gold..."

  Coleção Dourada Coleção Dourada Coleção Dourada

The Golden Collection was born with two purposes: to elevate and value our greatest inspiration, the female body and power, and to provide gold plated lovers pieces with quality and with great affection!

Combining the quality of Mama's classic pieces made in 925 silver with a quality 18k gold bath and a one-year warranty, the Golden Collection has changed the perspective of your accessory wardrobe: woman, you were born to sparkle and shine gold <3

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Coleção Dourada

All pieces in the Golden collection are made in 925 silver and receive a special 18k gold plating with a one-year warranty!
We remade some of Mama's classics, like the Ni Una Menos pendant, the flat bangle bracelet and flat choker.

Coleção Dourada Coleção Dourada Coleção Dourada

The Golden Sacred Soil draws attention in the middle of the entire collection for enhancing the details of this piece so rich in meaning and potency. Another highlight is the unique Golden Feminine Organic Earring, our classic made of a pink baroque pearl that is even more charming in gold!

Coleção Dourada Coleção Dourada

The collection also has 3 sizes of simple hoop earrings also in gold-plated silver and two types of chains, the Classic Golden Venetian chain and the Golden Noveau chain.


Coleção Dourada Coleção Dourada Coleção Dourada


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Coleção Dourada

To achieve the goals of our new Golden collection, nothing better than a brilliant woman/model/artist to give the face (and soul!) necessary for the launch of this collection that is so beautiful and important to us.

Ariadine Gomes (@ariadinegomescantais a singer, is 28 years old, was born in Maringá, Paraná and started singing in the church choir in an unpretentious way until her reunion with music at 17 showed that this was the path she had to follow.

Inspired by her mother and sister, it was in the voice of Elis Regina and Aretha Franklin that Ariadine could build her artistic identity with a strong, powerful and soulful voice.

"Music is who I am, it's my life force, it's my existence. I'm only in this world to sing!"

And for all that (and a lot more!), she starred in a beautiful way the essence of our collection in four videos singing acapella, and they are all being launched on Mama's instagram! Check them all out by clicking here!

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