Everything you need is less. Less stationary energy, less unnecessary consumption, less anxiety. We live in a troubled world that outshines our sight, messes with our energy and confuses our priorities. But the ones who feel the changing waves is feeling unquiet and can already feel that warmth inside the chest claiming for something different, something that contributes for the future. Listen to the wild thoughts, make life worth beyond its time. 

Consumption says a lot of this disturb world, we inverted the values and confused it with price. We are consuming things that we don’t need, ingest substances that we don’t want, breathe particles that prejudice our health. And thinking about it (and in how to make something different of that), Mama gave birth to a new collection: Worthy.

Worthy - Coleção mama beads

Because your time is worthy, your work is worthy, your nature is worthy. And why not use accessories that contemplate the value of your soul? Accessories that can be worn everyday during a lifetime? Pieces that can be left for your daughters and sons? Paraphrasing Vivienne Westwood, we need to:

buy less, choose well and make it last

For the planet to last, for our health to resist and our rhythm to stabilize. Mama translated this in simple pieces that can be used everyday during your whole life, without peeling, spoiling or devalueing. They are small hoops and pendants made in sterling silver, 18k gold and unique and natural pearls. Versatile, delicate, valuable, the pieces of Worthy collection are a present from Mama for those who know the difference in time runned and time lived.

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Pingente Pérola Barroca

We have also prepared a special wallpaper for your phone or desktop. It is an inspiring watercolor illustration made by hand by Danilo Augusto, and we hope that can inspire your day too. So right click to open the whole size images, download it, save it, share it, and in case you like it a lot and use it, print it and tag @mamabeads so we can follow and admire <3

Fundo Tela Celular      

Fundo Tela Pc

With love,
Team Mama

“Jewerly for the body, tales for the soul.”