They have been calling our eyes for some time in fashion industry: the Ear Cuff (or “fake piercing”) already have their space here in Mama Beads. But can you imagine a piece that, besides bringing a touch of style, carry the energies and benefits of the crystals and natural gemstones? ♥

Ear Cuffs are earrings the evolve the ear border and don’t need holes to be worn. They are pieces that show personality and style, cause they escape a little from the jewelry standards. It’s a piece that stands out, modernizes, moves away from the ordinary and values any production. They don’t need to be used in pairs and can be worn throughout all the ear, besides being a great option for matches with other earrings. They are made with a malleable silver wire so it can adapt to the shape of any ear.

Thinking on how to bring this iconic fashion piece to Mama’s atmosphere, we brought the natural gemstones for the cuffs. They are a great option for those who want to escape the basics, besides their multiple energetic and therapeutic benefits for those who wears them.

Ear Cuffs Mama Beads

So we prepared this blog post to explain one by one the properties and benefits of each gemstone in all Ear Cuffs models we have in the store! Let’s go!

Black Agate

Ear Cuff Ágata NegraEar Cuff Ágata NegraEar Cuff Ágata Negra

Extremely connected to the intuition, the Black Agate is a natural gemstone, known as the health, luck and libido stone, since it’s element is the fire. It’s perfect for the moments when immunity and energy levels are low because it has the power of recomposition of our beings, besides being able of letting people more serene and chill through the balance of our polarities. It has the potential of harmonizing the existence of who wears it and of inducing and facilitating the feeling of relaxation.




Ear Cuffs Pérola RosaEar Cuffs Pérola BatatinhaEar Cuffs Pérola Arroz

The natural freshwater baroque pearl is considered a symbol of love and prosperity in many different cultures. It is a gem extremely connected to the feminine and to motherhood and a very special detail about them is that pearls have strong connections with the bight and the moon. Because they have strong absorption power, it must be worn with caution: in case you have been gifted with pearls, wash them in current water and leave them resting under the moonlight so they can renovate their energy and be ready for use. Prefere wearing them in your neck and wrists, since they are natural purifiers of our blood. Avoid places with heavy energy when wearing them and stay alert for the pearls you use with frequency: in case it’s colors change, it can be a sign you need to take care of your health or spirit.


Turmaline All Colors

Ear Cuffs Turmalina RosaEar Cuffs Turmalina VerdeEar Cuffs Turmalina Verde

Natural gemstone found in various colors, it is considered a shamanic stone capable of dealing with many energetic adversities. As it can be found in many different colors, it is one of the most rich crystals in benefic properties and for our energetic balance. The turmaline carries an extreme power of harmonization of our energy, so most of its shades are strongly related with our emocional spectrum and with our cardiac chakra. This gem is also connected with the healing energies and it is very synchronized with the nature forces.


Jade All Colors

Ear Cuffs Jade VermelhaEar Cuffs Jade AzulEar Cuffs Jade Verde

Natural gemstone strongly related to the heart, it is considered a crystal that has its essence concentrated at love. It is also known for attracting luck and good friendships and for having the power of eliminating toxins and regulating our urinary system. The Jades associate with our main virtues, as courage, justice, modesty and wisdom. Its positive character and truly connected with the light feelings has assigned the jades the property of potentializing the divine and unconditional love. It is strongly associated with the release of accumulated emotions and tensions. This crystal is usually dyed to enforce its shades, but this doesn’t take off or inhibits any of the energetic properties of this gems.


As we are talking about gemstones and crystals, the ideal way to take care of your Mama’s Ear Cuffs is keeping them in bags made of natural fabric (cotton or linen).

Did it help you to choose your favorite one? Click here to get yours! <3