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The witch told me that the witches have been free for some time...

But as the month of October is very special, we have prepared a month full of releases, promotions and giveaways, all for your inner witch to connect with ours and we rescue all the magic that the exchange between women can provide ♥

Want to find out everything and get ready for what's going to happen in Mama this month? Come and see!

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"Woman, your soul shines more than gold ..."

The Golden Collection was born with two purposes: to elevate and value our greatest inspiration, the female body and power, and to provide gold plated lovers pieces with quality and with great affection!

Come and check the collection! 

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The new version of this Mama's iconic piece came to dominate the bracelets of women that are powerful and pride of who they are.
Inspired by The Strenght Maxi Bead, meet the Sacrate Soil: a mini uterus full of pulsing energy! ♥

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