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 Since the beginning of humanity, gems, crystals and precious stones have fascinated us both for their beauty, brilliance and appearance and also for their therapeutic and energizing properties. Thinking of developing powerful amulets that combine the raw beauty of crystals with our urgency to reconnect with nature and our more human side, Primitive was born: the first to exist, the kickoff, the origin of everything.

In this post we prepared a material with all the natural gemstones of each product, diving a little deeper into the world of crystals and precious gems. Let's find out which one is ideal for you!

Let's go! ♥

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Mama Beads' new collection is pure nostalgia! ◊

What a delight it was the time when our biggest concern was choosing the color of the barrettes that we would use on the hair! Or what is the next fashion plush! And between plastic, colors, cartoons and longing, SDDS was born: the line of silver and natural stones inspired by the late 90s and the 2000s, which, through iconic pieces, helps us enter a journey back in the time tunnel of nostalgia. Because after all, the soul never gets old ♥

Come and check the collection!


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The witch told me that the witches have been free for some time...

But as the month of October is very special, we have prepared a month full of releases, promotions and giveaways, all for your inner witch to connect with ours and we rescue all the magic that the exchange between women can provide ♥

Want to find out everything and get ready for what's going to happen in Mama this month? Come and see!

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