The Strength - Uterus

The Strength - Uterus


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The most pure energy, the strongest power, the most patient calm. All that we need is inside us: and comes from our ovaries.
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  • Limited Edition: 100 pieces
  • Height: 4,2cm
  • Width: 5,2cm
  • Depth: 1,4cm
  • Hole: 0,45cm/horizontal + top hole: 0,45cm
  • Weight: aprox. 27 grams
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver

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    Mama is energy. Strength of those who create and dedicate with the eye closed in the name of the whole world. It is the one who holds tight, is the foundation, matriarch. And when she has her energy recycled by the wild call, it’s in the uterus and the ovaries that the feminine energy inflamates. When we rescue our vivacity, we get in touch to what is the most primitive and natural of our essence: the power of facing the currents and affront what tries to silence us. The strength represents our natural woman strength, in balance with the fragility of who is not afraid of living her feelings and sensations in a intense mood.