The Golden Cupid

The Golden Cupid


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This is the 18k gold-plated version of The Cupid made in 925 silver.
The Cupid has arrived here at Mama's to sent you the message: stay safe inside your place babe, my arrows fly through WhatsApp!
Hurry and guarantee your love kit <3

Made in sterling silver.
  • Height: 2,3 cm
  • Width: 1,5cm
  • Hoop Width: 4,5mm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Material: 18k Gold Plated Sterling Silver

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    This is the 18k gold-plated version of The Cupid made in 925 silver. We all know, 2020 has been, is and will forever be considered an atypical year. Lonely birthdays, distant celebrations, the whole world indoors. See for the last brazilian valentine’s day: it was a little boring, right? It's so hard to find a new love… Even the Cupid doesn't leave its home! But it is also a year of adaptation. From offline to online, we are turning around, recreating and adapting everything. Even when it comes to love. And that's what this collection is about! Mama Beads developed the Love is in the air! collection with special pieces that were made to remind us that love is always in the air and in everywhere. Even if it is (and specially! <3) in the warmth of our homes. And The Cupid pendant is te iconic piece of this collection. Known in many mythology and cultures around the world as a figure that spreads love and awakes passion where it passes, Mama's Cupid has a classic look with its bow and arrow, all in a very carefull and detailed design of this almost 3cm of sterling silver. And prepare yourself: if his arrow doesn't hit you, he will steal your heart anyway with his beauty! rs