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Where I came from and where I'm going. I am nature and nature is everything.

And after all, everyone is born equal.

When purchasing one of the first 10 Maxi Bead Gaia, you get an exclusive decorated glass straw in a special packaging made with an organic print (plants! ♥).

Made in sterling silver with design by @themamajuly

  • Height: 21.4mm

  • Width: 13.3mm

  • Hole: 4mm

  • Weight: 10g

  • Material: Sterling Silver

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  • SKU MB0035
Mother… How long has it been since they looked at you right? With affection, tenderness, gratitude and respect As one who looks at the highest royalty natural, ancient, exuding beauty I wasted so much time just looking at me... Mother… I heard you call but I pretended not to And I even apologized that it was for the bread that if it weren't for you, it wouldn't be on the table Everything that exists is yours, I'm sure How could I have thought it would have no end... Mother… You are God, you are the Goddess, you never fail It's the flora, the roots, wild, it's Gaia! animal, deep, fortress Fragile, natural naturalness I will never forget the place that I came from